"Unleash your inner AI and conquer the cosmos!"

GPTechies Galactic Glory vs Copilot's Cosmic Comeback

About us

Welcome to Cosmic Ai Battle, the ultimate duo Meme Coin that is here to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. We are a team of dedicated individuals who have come together to create a unique and exciting coin that will benefit all members of our community. Our first two coins, GPTechies Galactic Glory and Copilot Cosmic Comeback, are designed to work together to provide a seamless and rewarding experience for our users.

  • Battle Mode: Users can compete against each other in a battle mode, where they can engage in meme wars and earn rewards for the most creative and popular memes. 
  • Community Chat: The Coin Chat feature allows users to connect with other members of the community, share ideas and collaborate on creating new memes.


Automated Trading: Utilize AI technology to automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies for optimal profits.

Automated trading involves using advanced technology, such as AI, to automatically execute buy and sell orders for cryptocurrencies in order to maximize profits. Coming soon.

Meme Coin Mining: Mine our unique Meme Coin through participating in community challenges and tasks.

Join in on the fun and earn Meme Coins by completing community challenges and tasks as part of our unique Meme Coin mining process. coming soon

Chat with GPTechies: Engage with our team of GPTechies for expert advice and insights on the cryptocurrency market.

"Join our Chat with GPTechies for valuable insights and expert advice on navigating the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency market."

Galactic Glory Rewards: Earn rewards for actively participating in our community and promoting our coin.

Galactic Glory Rewards offers exciting incentives for engaging in our community and promoting our coin.

Copilot Cosmic Comeback: Access a personalized

Experience the ultimate co-pilot with Copilot Cosmic Comeback, where you can access a personalized and seamless journey to your desired destination. coming soon


GPTechies Galactic Glory and Copilots Cosmic Comeback Merchandise

Show your support for AI with Shirts, hats, Cups, many more items. Coming Soon.


Exclusive access to community events and contests

"Exclusive access to community events and contests provides members with unique opportunities to engage with their local community and win exciting prizes." Only have to own any amount of tokens


Customized avatar and profile features on the Cosmic Ai Battle platform

The Cosmic Ai Battle platform offers users the ability to create and personalize their own unique avatar and profile, adding a personalized touch to their gaming experience. Coming Soon.




GPTechies Galactic Glory (GGG) & Copilot Cosmic Comeback (CPCB) Whitepaper

Introduction: GPTechies Galactic Glory (GGG) and Copilot Cosmic Comeback (CPCB) are a dynamic duo of memecoins that embody the spirit of artificial intelligence and competition in the crypto space. GGG celebrates the innovation of ChatGPT, while CPCB represents the resilience and comeback potential of Copilot.

Token Overview: GGG and CPCB are ERC-20 tokens built on the Ethereum blockchain. They serve as mediums of exchange within their respective ecosystems, offering unique features and opportunities for engagement.


  • Total Supply (GGG): 1,000,000 tokens
  • Total Supply (CPCB): 1,000,000 tokens
  • Symbol (GGG): GGG
  • Symbol (CPCB): CPCB
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC-20


  • Team tokens 10% (GGG): (100,000)
  • Team tokens 10% (CPCB): (100,000)
  • Community Rewards (GGG): 10% (100,000 tokens)
  • Community Rewards (CPCB): 10% (100,000 tokens)
  • Liquidity Pool (GGG): 10% (100,000 tokens)
  • Liquidity Pool (CPCB): 10% (100,000 tokens)
  • Future Development /Holding (GGG): 20% (200,000 tokens)
  • Future Development/Holding (CPCB): 20% (200,000 tokens)
  • Presale 25% Presale tokens (GGG): (250,000)
  • Presale 25% Presale tokens (CPCB): (250,000)
  • Available tokens for sale when launched 25% (GGG): (250,000)
  • Available tokens for sale when launched 25% (CPCB): (250,000)

Initial Sale Details:

  • Tokens Available for Sale (GGG): 250,000 tokens
  • Tokens Available for Sale (CPCB): 250,000 tokens
  • Sale Mechanism: Direct sale on the project website
  • Sale Allocation: Equal allocation for both GGG and CPCB tokens
  • Sale Date: To be announced

Use Cases:

  • Participate in governance decisions within the GPTechies and Copilot communities.
  • Access exclusive features and benefits on the GPTechies and Copilot platforms.
  • Earn rewards for contributing to the growth and development of each ecosystem.
  • Trade GGG and CPCB on supported exchanges for potential profit opportunities.


  • Phase 1: Token Launch - Launch GGG and CPCB tokens, establishing initial community engagement.
  • Phase 2: Community Building - Foster strong and active communities for GGG and CPCB through social media, forums, and events.
  • Phase 3: Platform Development - Develop additional features and utilities for GGG and CPCB to enhance user experience and utility.
  • Phase 4: Partnership Expansion - Forge partnerships with AI-related projects and platforms to expand the reach and utility of GGG and CPCB.
  • Phase 5: Long-term Sustainability - Ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the GPTechies and Copilot ecosystems through ongoing development and community involvement.

Conclusion: GPTechies Galactic Glory (GGG) and Copilot Cosmic Comeback (CPCB) represent the convergence of artificial intelligence and memetic culture in the crypto space. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the limitless possibilities of AI-driven innovation and competition.


Cosmic Ai Battle
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Welcome to Cosmic Ai Battle, the ultimate duo meme coin for all crypto enthusiasts! Our coin is designed to bring together the power of GPTechies and Galactic Glory, two leading meme coins in the market, to create a strong and sustainable community. At Cosmic Ai Battle, we believe in providing rewards and opportunities for all members of our community, not just the whales and higher ups. Our coin is truly decentralized, giving every member an equal chance to contribute and benefit from our success.

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